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Digital Greys offers custom Joomla & WordPress website design, shopping carts, website hosting, and custom programming. Designing your website using the Joomla or WordPress content management system, Digital Greys can provide your business with a professional looking website that you can update online from your browser. It also gives you the option of expanding your sites functionality using any number of the extensions already available. Digital Greys can also custom program an extension if one is not available.

Website Design Tips

Your website is a direct reflection on your business.

Your website should:

  • Look professional
  • Be easy to navigate.
  • Contain current information
  • Have a consistent design
  • Be informative with quick access to all information?
  • Be optimized for the web – (On the web, file size must be kept to a minimum to ensure fast loading and)
  • Use targeted keywords with search engine optimization for better search results and targeted visitors
  • Use the minimum HTML code required for layout with font colors, backgrounds, and other aesthetic properties stored in external style sheets.

Preparation for your website

Digital Greys can design and host your online presence. However, only you have a complete understanding of your business and your customers, this is why we need you to supply the content that your customers will read. Digital Greys can help while you create content by suggesting keywords that will help increase your visibility we can also modify your text to incorporate important keywords in the correct areas of the page.

Getting your website content to us

Text content:

Text or copy can be supplied in the following ways in order of preference:

  • -Microsoft Word document (recommended format)
  • -Plain text or RTF format.
  • -E-mail. E-mailing the text as the body of an e-mail may change the original formatting, a hardcopy may needed.
  • -Hard copy. This will involve retyping or using optical character recognition OCR on the text. This will increase development costs.

Microsoft Word documents and plain text or RTF format can be e-mailed to Digital Greys as an attachment to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


There are several options for supplying images.

  • Digital. Images in a format that can be used on a computer, for example: image.jpg, image.bmp, image.tga, image.tif etc. We can also use images supplied in .pdf or Microsoft word documents but they are not recommend due to the inconsistent quality. If you supply your images in digital format, we will resize and optimize it for use on the web.
  • Hard copy. Photographs, fliers, brochures, drawings or any flat art. We can also take photos on-sight at an additional cost to the client.

Our Custom Website Design Process

Digital Greys will combine your valuable input with our own philosophy of designing a creative, effective, and informative site for your customers. The typical steps include:

  • Consultation: In person, by telephone, or through internet contact, we can better understand your expectations, goals and target audience.
  • Flow Charts for large websites: Flow charts will assist to develop the website navigation structure and site flow.
  • Create a Graphical representation of your site based on your consultation. This will be uploaded as an image for you to review online.
  • Once the design is approved we will start the actual coding of your site, which will be uploaded to a beta directory so you can review the progress online.
  • Receive final approval.
  • Go live!

Website Limitations – Things to Consider

Although we do our best at Digital Greys to develop website’s that deliver a consistent experience to every visitor, we are also aware that there are many variations from one computer to the next. Listed below are just a few of the thing that are not under our control:

  • Monitor size and resolution (example: 1440×900 – 1280×800). We design for 800 x 600 which we believe to be the most common
  • Internet connection speed: (example: Cable, DSL). We optimize our sites to work well with a DSL modem connection
  • Browser platform and version: (example: Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox) Our sites are designed to work well with the two most commonly used browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox) one version behind the most current version
  • Installed plugins: (example: Flash and QuickTime) If your site uses plugins, there will occasionally be a visitor that doesn’t have that particular software installed. The good news is that most of the needed plugins are free and readily available for download.

To sum it up, the more basic and general your website is designed, the better it will adjust to these variations

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