Images as Thumbnails in Windows 7

Images as Thumbnails in Windows 7

Written by: Edward Cupler


Set Folders to Display Images as Thumbnails Instead of Icons In Microsoft Windows 7

After installing Microsoft Windows 7 I encountered an annoying (Images as Thumbnails) issue. Normally when browsing images in XP (I never used Vista), I could easily set any folder to display a thumbnail of each image thus making it much easier to decide which image I wanted. However, after installing Microsoft Windows 7, I could no longer do this. After figuring out the solution, I thought I would post the solution, step by step, and maybe just maybe, someone might find it useful.

Step #1

go to Windows 7 Control Panel
Go to the Windows 7 Control Panel

Step #2

Windows 7 Control Panel

Top right of the Control Panel window (View by:) select “Large icons” or “Small icons”

Step #3

System Windows 7 Control Panel

Select “System” (near the bottom right)

Step #4

System Windows 7 Control Panel

In the “System” window click “Advanced System Settings” in the upper left.

Step #5

System dialog Windows 7

In the “System” dialog under the “Advanced” tab, click the “Settings” button in the “Performance” section.

Step #6

Performance Options dialog Windows 7

In the “Performance Options” dialog under the “Visual Effects” tab, check “Show thumbnails instead of icons” and click “OK”

Step #7

Click “OK” in the “System” dialog.

Step #8

Windows 7 folder option

Right click in any folder containing images and select “Extra Large”, “Large”, “Medium” or “Small” icons.

You should now have your image files available as thumbnails