Creating Fractions in Adobe Photoshop

Creating Fractions in Adobe Photoshop

Written by: Edward Cupler


Creating Fractions in Photoshop is very simple. Unfortunately, some fonts don’t support this but many OpenType fonts do have support for fractions. This tutorial will walk you through the steps to create your own fractions in Photoshop.


To create fractions simply type your text with the fraction as normal.

Type fraction text in Photoshop

Select the fraction part of the text.

Select fraction text

Select the pop up option menu in the upper right of the Character panel.

Character panel option menu

As you can see, it’s grayed out. Unfortunately, Arial font doesn’t support fractions here.

Fractions is grayed out

No problem, just select one that does. I used Myriad Pro.

Select Myriad Pro font

Now, just select “Fractions” in the Character panel options menu.

select Fractions in the Character panel options menu

Sweet!!! We have our fraction!