Making Money on the Internet

How Not to Get Rich with Google Adsense

by Al Hearn Those who desire to make money on the web ultimately find themselves looking at Google Adsense as one of the most promising methods of quickly seeing results. Simply place ads on your website, hope that your visitors click on them, and watch your mailbox for your monthly check. It’s not quite that easy, however. Following are some essential guidelines and tips to help you make your Adsense monitized site succeed. 1) Read the description of the Adsense program on Google’s site and apply for an account using the link on...

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The most potent Internet marketing strategy

by Blaz Banic What would you call 731 new subscribers in a month and slowly falling, after having started with just 100? A great month? Fabulous outcome? Would it be fair to say that you’d be a bit intrigued if I told you that this actually sucks? What does that mean? The above figures mean that the site is not correctly utilizing an extremely important component of marketing — word of mouth marketing, or viral marketing. Let’s assume that the site stops using other types of advertising. With that rate, it would get less...

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